Frame press RPW 3000 Plus


The RPW 3000 plus is a favor­ably priced alter­na­tive to the RP 3000. It is a stur­dy frame press with angu­lar gear of our own man­u­fac­ture. It is par­tic­u­lar­ly suit­able for glu­ing sol­id wood and frames, but also for car­cass­es. With our angu­lar gear you can reach a pres­sure of 3 t and a trav­el of 150 mm.

The angu­lar gears are height-adjustable on thick-walled hol­low pro­files pre­cise­ly drilled at 50 mm inter­vals.

Basic equip­ment: 3 press­ing units with angu­lar gear, 90 degree stop.



Clamp­ing dimen­sions:

h: 1600 mm x w: 2900 mm

for frames:

h: 1600 mm x w: 2600 mm

Instal­la­tion dimen­sions:

Length:                 3060 mm

Depth:                     750 mm

Height:                  2120 mm

We can man­u­fac­ture any spe­cial length for you.


1x pressing unit with angular gear

766,50 €

1x side pressure device with 2 rack and pinion gears, D. 1 t

987,00 €

1x chassis

283,50 €

1x carcase support

115,50 €

1x miter gluing device

147,00 €

1x side pressure device with 2 angular gears

987,00 €

1x hold down

294,00 €

1x swivel pressure shoe

63,00 €

1x eccentric upper clamp

210,00 €

1x shipping

388,50 €

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